May 01, 2002

Goodbye Spencer n Alvin!!! Have a safe trip to L.A. on Thursday as you guys go pursue the blessings of God's destiny! We'll all miss you both!!! Thanks Acel for the absolutely wonderful evening...keeping me up and all!!! :) Have a God blessed week! :) Byebye. My bro and I will set off to the airport in a few mins...we're off to Hong Kong for the next few days you!!! :) Pray the Manila TYPHOONS bring home loads of trophies from their Ice Hockey games!!!! :)

April 27, 2002

Just uploaded new PHOTOS in the sTUFF section!!!! :) Gotta get some sleep now...

April 26, 2002

Ok, don't laugh, but I'm listening to the Bee Gees now...just downloaded \"I started a Joke\". Its got such a sweet melody! :)

April 24, 2002

"Hello Hello! You say Goodbye and I say Hello!.." Gaaaah! Last song syndrome from the road trip still ringing in my ears...ended up downloading the MP3 too!!! :p Also found this cute GIF..heheh.

April 23, 2002

Its been such an incredible week! With one of the longest weekends I've ever had. Monday the 15th was my last official day at school!! Yipi! The week went by sorta busy really talking to web clients... :/ its amazing how opportunity always seems to jump at my feet.. but I don't feel like jumping on the employment bandwagon just yet. I also had a few dinners with people like Mox, Stan, Dong and celebrate the new found freedom..So the week went by. I also have to mention...Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday I was on pseudo-insomniac mode...just didn't feel like sleeping...weird. Oh, but Saturday night was incredible!!! Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra played at the village park early in the evening. Spencer and I caught a glimpse. It was amazing!! Later on I rode with Spencer as he drove my dad's van, going all over the city picking up people for our La Union trip -- Alvin, and Nats at their homes, over to 3.1.6's gig to fetch Warren and Jhun, then to Jenny's place and finally to Antipolo to pick up Acel from her RX gig. It was around 1.30am when we all finally gathered to drive off to La UNION! Incredible ride!! We got there right after sunrise..and had the most exciting sun frying time that day trekking through the beach, watching the surfer dudes, playing with the Jellyfish, digging tunnels, swimming around and stuff...eventually worshipping God under the stars !!!! Spent most of Monday swimming at a pool nearby getting ourselves fried. Said goodbye to La Union around 4pm and drove back to Manila to get home around 2am early morning!! Later on today I have to go to Chris' swim party.. and my friends from school are inviting me to Batangas tomorrow onwards... Im wondering if I should go...if I do, I'm going to have an entire beach frying week!!

April 15, 2002

Im4/23/02 feeling so terribly gloomy in the midst of what should be utter happiness... :( don't think I should go into detail just yet.

April 11, 2002

Oh God! What a wonderful time to be awake!!!! Strange, I was feeling so dizzy, tired and a tad bit depressed during the day. But its all gone in this little moment to cherish! The sun's going to peak out of the clouds in a few mins. It'll be a pretty day.... :) I've got Kathryn Scott's \"Hungry\" (Falling on My Knees) to keep me company right now as I have 2 more chapters to finish reviewing (I just finished reading 3 in the past hours of this evening). I have an exam later before lunch.

April 08, 2002

Got so much planned for this week!!! And I have so much still to do tonight!! Dunno if I'll sleep. hmm...its ok, got a lot of sleep yesterday anyways. Plus, Spencer got me Stefanie Sun Yanzi's CD from Singapore!!! I'll listen to it to keep me awake!! Yippiness!!!! :)

April 07, 2002

\"I'm not weird, I'm just eating banana chips!\". Wrote that down so I wouldn't forget. Spent the day with Acel, Jay (Kamikaze), Fifi and KT first at YFC's Operation Elisha gig at the mall, later on at NUCOMM church in Jekyll and Hyde, and finally that evening at Herbert's grad/bday bash. It was incredible there. \"Wassafifilafoo!?\" :p

April 03, 2002

The week's been totally awesome! Monday : First time to actually get into the ADB in the morning, school in the afternoon, then cell and NU107's Against the Flow anniversary in the evening. Tuesday was hectic at school. And sorta busy at LytItUp too with Emanwel, but oh despite all that stress, God surprisingly gifted me with a short blessing of bliss...a divine appointment during the day.... I wont get into detail here about that though, because she left me secretly trembling. Today was absolutely awesome too!! Spent the entire day with Jhun and Warren, first over at my house where they slept over, then later at Club Manila East in Taytay together with Hubert and the boys swimming in a massive water park. I'm feeling a bit sunburnt now but its all good and righlyt fit for the season. :) We watched Blade II during the evening all left me extremely physically tired, but now I feel like I can conquer all the awaited buffer of stress awaiting me from school and stuff as deadlines are slowly approaching.

March 29, 2002

Craziness. Went to AJ's house to hang out with my buddies from class [AJ, Mox, Stan, Jen, n Angelo]. Two more weeks 'til its all over!!! Funny to find out AJ got held up by traffic officers yesterday too. Hmm...something fishy about this \"Holy Week's\" season of giving. Anyways around 9 or 10pm instead of dropping me home the guys spur of the moment decided to go road tripping around the almost dead metropolis and stop by for coffee. So there, that's why I got home a few minutes ago. :p Oh well, how often am I going to be able to do this with my friends from school after we're all dispersed and graduated??

March 27, 2002

Rode with Noreen going home from school today. What a ride! I fickle mindedly told her to turn left and the traffic dude hails us down and starts babbling. Noreen apologized insistently. I really didn't know how to communicate with him even if I tried. Showed him my diplomatic Id apologizing and all but he didn't seem to understand. Hmm..maybe if I was white it would've made a difference. Anyway the traffic officer kept emphasing how much of a hassle it would be for Noreeen to go through the red tape of giving her license and all so we had to end up sneaking some cash into the license jacket that made him happy. Was such a weird experience that's leaving me feeling so shaky now. Oh the ironies of living in lovely Metro Manila.

March 24, 2002

Spent the afternoon with the ladies. :p Had my hair chopped off after which Jenny and Karma did a pretty fantastic job coloring it. Still need to get used to it all. But I know it all came out really neat...I'd wanted to have my hair chopped off for the longest time anyways. :p Right now I just finished downloading an mp3 of Stefanie Sun Yan Zi's version of \"Hey Jude\". She's a Singaporean. I saw her video on MTV Asia but I didn't know her name. It took me quite a while to research about her over the net this evening... ...I sooo admire her talent! :p Anyways, I'm heading to sleep in a while. My body feels so dead tired right now...not to mention all the muscle stiffness -- I ended up jogging with Jenny & Karma for a little over an hour today! Hadn't done something so strenuous for nearly a year! Sorta feel good on the inside over the outcome of it all... but yea, I need some rest. G'night!

March 23, 2002

Had such an awesome day today!!! Just feel so happy after the extremely draining week I had. Finally got to settle a deal with TransAsia-Oil for a website I'll be making for them!! Do pray I'll be excellent in it!! Was sorta miffed about the low-budget and tempted to be mediocre about the work...til I read on to the next chapter of Philip Yancey's \"Whats so Amazing About Grace?\". It got to that part about Jesus' parable of the employer who paid the slackers a full day's wage.. simply because he wanted to. God's like that. Full of Grace and always willing to give. Especially those undeserved things. Actually in Grace, there is no concept of 'deserving'. So back to my day. Yea, I got thinking and decided to be excellent in my work even if I won't be compensated on what the market says I deserve. :) Got to school early after the meeting. Went to the first class...early! Haha!! Then I had about 2 hours to bum around while I waited for the next class. Ended up being kidnapped by Jeff to go to Greenhills while he took care of some cheques he had to collect. Piece of advice: DONT DRINK MOCHA FRAP on an empty stomach. I ended up feeling unnecessarily tense and anxious the rest of that afternoon. Went back to school. Attended my second class. And in the evening met up Noreen to go with her to hear God's Word at Youth On Fire. Noreen's such a cool lady to hang out with!! ;) Wish I could've hung out with her more afterwards to talk and stuff...but had to run an errand for a friend. Ended up eventually meeting Jenny and Karma to go to Spencer's birthday party he was celebrating with his siblings. Was mighty cute being surrounded by so many Chinese people all at once. Heheh. The Chinese community here rocks!! :) Acel came over as well after her gig at Bulacan. I had two helpings of the food and eventually ended up taking some of it home. Rode with Timmy and Alvin going home. He dropped off Acel first. It was just so refreshing conversing with all these guys all over again. Dunno where its coming from...maybe its that coffee...but I'm just feeling really good about all of God's blessings tonight!! :) Woweee...that was a long post huh? Yea, I know I haven't posted much here I guess that should make up for it..

March 03, 2002

"We are loved beyond our ability to comprehend." .. Just a little Jewel quote that's so powerful and true I'd always like to remember. On another note, Happy birthday to Jenny Peanutbutter later."

February 14, 2002

Wow! I think I'm actually going to be early for my 8:00am class!! Didn't sleep at all last I don't need to worry about waking up (if that makes sense). All of a sudden I've found some buffered up energy sparking out of nowhere. Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day to anyone who celebrates it!! Its going to be a good day!

February 08, 2002

P.O.D. was awesome!! Jen ended up sitting in my class before the concert. Really funny considering she's from Ateneo! From school we went over to Taft to pick up extra tickets from Rommel. Met Luigi there too. Neat guy. Bought take-out food for Jenny, Spencer, Cheri and them lot who were alreday there. Did my delivery service when we got there to the concert area but got seperated immediately seperated with Jen and Luigi in the crowd. But I did find all my other friends. Ended up hanging out the side entrance with Acel, Warren, Brian, Dab and some other guys throughout the gig. Was a squashy stuffy sweaty crowd but it was all clean. Im not too familiar with POD except for SOUTHTOWN, ALIVE and YOUTH OF THE NATION but their performance still got everyone to slam on. After the whole thing we hung out outside and met a lot of people I hadn't seen in ages! I don't know how, but Jen got the POD dude's towel! Was really funny how she started ripping it and giving pieces of it to people. We all the guys ended up going to Mr. Kebab to eat to end the night. Was all loads of fun!!

February 08, 2002

Hahaha! My first TURKISH DELIGHT!! =)

February 06, 2002
"like the sound of many waters..." Just writing down this thought here in case I forget later. Remind me if I do.

February 03, 2002
Its Becky's birthday today! Had a really nice time celebrating it last night! =) Everyone came over!

January 31, 2002
Haha! Didn't go to school today!! Woke up and thought it was Wednesday. :p Would've made it to my last class but didn't want to leave the house when it started raining. Like the was a cold and a rainy day...! =p

January 30, 2002
Natalie Merchant rocks!! Been listening to this CD over and over and over the whole day!!!!

January 28, 2002
Im sooo late for school!!! Ah well.. just taught myself to make garlic-rice for lunch!! Turned out really good! =)

January 26, 2002
Got home from Peegee's house!!! Went over with Warren & Jhun. Was mighty fine seeing her again. So sad she's leaving for NY in 2 weeks.

January 25, 2002
Haha! Mox is bumming around in my house! Spur of the moment decision to sleep over! :p

January 24, 2002
Went to Cheryl's place today with Dab. Was totally awesome seeing her again! She flies back to California tomorrow for school...

January 23, 2002
its so hard to work when I'm feeling lazy... grrrr.

January 22, 2002
Ok..I'm bored. Just twiddled with the piano for the past hour. Might as well monotone the events of Monday. My dad's in Cambodia. Left Sunday. Funny, he bought a new SIMM card so he could SMS to Manila. Blackout hit the city today but went to school anyway...grrr...Aaron brought his car! Thought we could get away with the 'no MRT' excuse and watch a movie instead. Rizal's childhood must've been nice. Koji met Lafoo! I have binds and bonds to cut off. Might head over to Cheryl's house Wednesday. Hope Dab can come along. Had a neat chat with Carl. Poor guy got stabbed! Click on link to check out his little artwork. Finally got to chat with Yoon-Ji for a while!! Got an email from Steve too. Put up John's review of JC's Big bash. Mmmm...I sorta figured out how to make a 7th chord sound better....better sleep now. Have to wake up soon for school....

January 21, 2002
Spent some time at a retreat house in Los Banos Friday through Saturday with Pastor Mark from NUCOMM and their guys who are going to start a church in Jekyll & Hyde soon. Was a good opportunity to get to know 'em better. It was a good weekend.

January 14, 2002
Two days straight entirely at home. Mighty nice weekend. I'm finally working on Premy's TCPL website. Here's a sample template. Gotta run to school in a while.

January 12, 2002
First week of school wasn't that bad. My Tuesday-Thursday schedules suck but I'll get used to it. My Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedules are neat..only one class at 5pm! So last Wednesday was awesome! Because before class, I met up with Leslie to have lunch with Yoonji. Hadn't seen her since 7th grade! Met Hannah as well after so long. Turns out she was classmates with my sister. Steve and Ian were really neat to meet as well. I'd met Ian a while back already but we didn't really get to talk much. Found out he's Dutch-Filipino. Steve's Indian-American. Haha! We're all mixed up!

January 07, 2002
Aargh! Gotta run to school in a few minutes! After over 6 months of bumming around -- Internship was like bumming around.. -- then the post-Internship vacation...gaaah!! :p Oh well, this is my last term. Then I get to bum around for even longer!! So I haven't posted here in a while. Here's a little run down of what I've been up to...Been vacationing for the New Year's season. Went up north to Baguio last week. Didn't do much there really but being there was exciting enough.. Oh, I did get to sit under the pine trees and sleep a lot, that was really exciting. :p Then I ate a lot. The Korean restaurant up there is awesome! New Year's Eve celebrations was nice and peaceful. Went up on a hill nearby the hotel and watched fireworks exploding from all over Baguio. Got back to Manila late Wednesday evening. Friday was pretty exciting. Went to Corregidor island with my dad, my aunt and uncle. Did touristy stuff really. Hopped on a speed boat, and toured the island on a bus marveling at all the World War II relics. Saturday, my aunt and uncle flew back to the Netherlands. Sunday went to an orphanage for a Light It Up project...was so blessed to see all the kids so cheerful to worship God! And gotta run to school and say farewell to the itty bit of freedom I'd enjoyed the past few months.......

BTW, I almost forgot. I uploaded this little FLASH eCard a few days ago into the webserver. Click Here and download it!!

December 25, 2001
Haha! This is different...I'm hearing thundering fireworks blasting away coming from all over the streets of my house right now. Pretty neat way to celebrate Jesus!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

December 21, 2001
Just cooked myself instant noodles with nice Sambal (Indonesian chili paste) for a delicious midnight snack. =) I came home an hour ago from the RAGE concert in the bundoks of Taytay Rizal. Keyboards sounded nice. :p Pigs w/Pearls, Bent, 3.1.6., Outburst, R.O.C.K., Selah and BATTERY were all there. It was awesome. Wouldn't mind visiting that pretty little small town again. =)

December 17, 2001
Was JC's BIG BASH yesterday!!!! Thanks to all that went...

December 15, 2001
Bleh! Couldn't sleep. Was thinking about cake...

December 15, 2001
Came back from Irene's party a while ago. Would've stayed longer but it would've been weird. Warren's over my place now fixing his guitar strings for the BIG BASH tomorrow [uh..later]. Pray it doesn't rain!!!!!!!! Need some sleep now. Gotta wake up at 6:00AM.

December 09, 2001
Went to school this morning to pre-register myself for the next term. Besides RIZLIFE, my other subjects I'll take this January look boring.... btw, check this out. heheheh... just found about that page at school today. I find it amusing..the way good 'ol APC likes to brag. The truth is, all I won at UE were three boxes of Nesvita!! haha!! seriously!! very prestigious eh? =) Went to the airport after school. Trees & Gerri arrived today from Amsterdam! The airport was so dead! No sign of the usual typical business at all! It was Gerri's first time on a plane, and his first time in the Philippines. He's a bus driver over in Holland. heheh...wait til he rides the beautiful buses here along of the highways of Manila!! Acel & Paolo came over to my place later. They invited me to Jason's mad-hatter party. Jason's this nice happy artist that lives down the street. Felt like a gate-crasher but it was cool being there even for just a bit. Avid & Mara were there too with their funky hats. Loved Mara's jalapeņo cheese sticks!! Wish I could've stayed longer, but ended up going home for dinner to feast on crab!! :p My dad always does that to guests that come from abroad. Fills 'em up with loads of scrumptious seafood!! Later on I sat down in front of the TV to catch The CRANBERRIES LIVE...heheh...It was a good day.

December 07, 2001
I've been looking all over the shops for a MIDI cable but can't seem to find one!! ah well..I'll keep looking... I want the cable so I can hook up my PC to my piano and try out MusicWrite Plus, a nifty software that can write musical notation based on the sounds that are played... Anyway, on a different note: My dad just came home from Mindanao with huge crates of fruit!! oh, and Trees & Gerry (my aunt & uncle) are expected to arrive in Manila from Amsterdam tomorrow afternoon!! :)

December 02, 2001
01:56 AM
Funny. Just played the keyboards for Beggar's Hand, the front act band for Moonstar88 over at Jekyll & Hyde! :p

November 29, 2001
Got mail from my mother in Kathmandu! Check out these postcards!!
Bouddhanath Stupa

November 24, 2001
Got the article for J.C's BIG BASH up at!!!


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