November 21, 2001
Got home from Light It Up a bit more than an hour ago but I haven't felt tired since. Was fiddling with my piano the whole time...trying to figure out how to make a melody...sheesh! How are melodies made!!!!!? I'm pretty miffed over the jazzy piano lady that played at Light It Up tonight with the band called FIRE EXIT. I don't think I'll ever get to play jazz piano any time soon. I don't feel it yet... Oh, btw, last night I finally sort of got to meet Avid the brains of (I totally admire his work)....Acel bumped into him when we were about to have dinner with Fifi and Perry where she introduced me to him. Before that we watched the first part of the 6 hour Hells Bells 2 video series. Wasn't spooky or anything, but it got me totally agreeing about the spirituality of music...made me ponder over it the whole day while I listened to WUASTC. On another note: Premi emailed me asking me to help her make a website for the Turkish Community in London...she says there's money in it. Hmmm...this might be exciting!! Working for London people all the way from Manila. Problem is, she needs a design by the end of this year!! Pray the creative juices can lurk in soon enough for this project!!

November 17, 2001
Had a fantastic day! Acel came over to my place to play the piano and record some of her songs while I spent the time listening to her fabulous melodies while doing some work for Light it Up. Later on Deon dropped by to bum out. That evening I met Theta at Youth on Fire from where we went to the Webby Awards. Moonstar88's set at the event went terrible they said because the spotlight flashed on them when they weren't done setting up and Acel's guitar didn't work. The awards itself seemed all too formal for me..even if it was a gathering of all the brightest and brainiest web geeks in town. I wanted to check out the web trend these days. All those people in their coats and ties are caught up with the boring prospects of ebusinesses and all that garbage. I was more interested in meeting Avid, the brains behind and and the rest of the goofballs that color the web with their bright ideas. I think the only awarding I saw was when the guys from snatch a prize. I truly respect their work. Its a perfect example of beautiful design meeting content. But basically, I was bumming out backstage the whole time. Mmm...I did meet Francisco, Spencer and Timmy's friend, for a while before we went backstage. He was one of the dudes working for the people who made the Philippine Web Awards site. Oz and L.A. dropped by the little room Moonstar88 was in before we left. Caught a little bit of Wolfgang's performance but didn't stay to watch further. The stage was just too dry and the audience too formal for any form of audio insemination. Oh, and the Japanese Anime theme was strange. People were dressed up as robots and anime samurais while Japanese music played in the background...weird. Acel, Deon and I went over to eat at Mr. Kebab's as a consolation to the seemingly wasted it was all fun. But best of all, I came home a few minutes ago to receive a delayed birthday gift from Goyi and Monchie. I am so thrilled they bought me the Cranberrie's new album and Coldplay's Parachutes!! As tired as my body is feeling from such a tiring experience, I am awed and amazed by the shower of blessings I have witnessed these passed few days!!

November 14, 2001
heheh. haven't updated this in a while... I need to change my picture now...last saturday, i=18, and sunday i did an i++ so it incremented one more number to i the integer of my age. It was a pretty busy week so the process of incrementing swept right by with no huge celebrations. Had loads of fun with friends though. Monday afternoon (last week) I went to Trend Micro to go through some formal clearance procedures..that evening did Bible Study with Corinne...and later on went to watch Imago..funny Barbie was there bumming out with her friends. I met a girl named Stef who looks just like was my first time to actually go through an Imago gig. Pin-Up girls played too. Oz, L.A., James, and Deon ended up sleeping over my place. Was an interesting night. Tuesday was a beautiful day...from morning til evening...everything about Tuesday was beautiful! Went over to Acie's place to receive a pretty hemp bracelet and to give a long overdue gift from Holland. Spent that afternoon with my buddy Deon. That evening at Light It Up night was awesome..I got there to be wonderfully surprised! Thanks Fifi & Acel and all you people from Light It Up!! just bummed out I was Jhun and Jonald's birthday that day!!..Thursday I bummed out at home it was raining...Friday I was over working at Jenny's place playing around with Photoshop...Saturday I went to school and hung out with APC pips bowling in the mall...oh, and I finally got last month's allowance from Trend Micro! Saturday evening and Sunday were fantastic! Sunday morning was interesting. My mobile phone was uncontrollable... receiving all these little 'Happy Birthday' messages..some from cellphone numbers I didn't even recognize! But it was nice of everyone to do that. That Sunday I went church hopping with Spencer, Warren, Cheri, Jenny which was quite an interesting experience observing the different ways people worship God on that blessed day. We were basically promoting J.C's BIG BASH! Thank God for the positive responses we got! Watched Jenny's football game afterwards and basically let the pleasant day breeze by with friends. Got home to receive a nifty portable CD player from my dad..quite an unexpected gift so that was cool. Monday this week I bummed out at home again. Yesterday, (Tuesday) was pretty cool (it was Leandro's birthday! -- all these birthdays!! It'll be Jordan-R.O.C.K.'s birthday tomorrow!)...I went over to Jenny's office again to finish work on the Light It Up posters and streamers. A band called BENT played wonderfully pleasant music at Light It Up that night! They're an all-girl band of 16 and 17 year olds playing upbeat almost alternative punk. I had a pretty nice chat with them and wowee do they have a bright future ahead for them. So there, I don't have work but I'm still really busy these days having loads of fun with everything I'm involved in!! =)

November 05, 2001
I feel like I'm on summerbreak!!! Wednesday night right after work, I went over to meet up with my buddies Warren, Jhun, Deon, Chris, Amaya and Emman. We spent that night venturing into the unknown mountainous territory of Antipolo. It was quite an adventure going there. Hopping on buses and tricycles that sped through the chilly wind of the elevated altitude. We finally got to Wendy's place and had such a blast swimming and stuff with Alice and the rest of their friends. Ended up sleeping earlier than everyone else though. Jhun and I crashed in the tent around 2AM. Didn't sleep too well though. Was kinda dazed because I didn't feel fully recuperated from the day of finalizing code and stuff. I literally saw computer variables flying in my dreams. Oh well..the next day was pretty cool. Ventured into Antipolo town. Was a nice scene walking through the busy markets...reminded me of Kathmandu. But had a weird experience at the catholic church with all these old ladies. I'll talk about it when I upload pictures (which reminds me to update the picture portion of this website)...anyway, Friday was pretty quiet...bummed out the house the whole day. Saturday evening was okay. Spent the evening at ULTRA watching Barbies Cradle, Battery, and Mojofly. Sunday was awesome!! Spent the afternoon with Jenny, Cheri, and Acel...then later on with Jhun, Spencer and Timmy. We had a pretty productive Light It Up meeting...expecially since the entire island of Luzon blacked out that evening....I was totally encouraged...anyway, Thank God the electricity's back up today!!

October 31, 2001
Today's my last day at TREND MICRO!!! I'm so thrilled!!! Say hello to a compensation of the summer vacation I missed! Its going to be pretty exciting in the coming weeks. I think all the excitement started this weekend. Had a blast over at Punta Baluarte, the holiday resort my dad brought us to in Batangas located a few hours drive down south from Manila. Did a lot of sleeping there. Yesterday was pretty relaxed throughout the day. Went over to Wendy's house after work to pick up a map to her party in Antipolo that I'll be off to tonight. Then ran down to Light It Up night. Light It Up night was sorta layed back as the band called U-Turn played several Jars of Clay, Newsboys, and Tracy Chapman songs. Had a pretty layed back meeting with Jenny, Cheri and Jhun for the December 15 event afterwards. We proceeded to Corrine's place afterwards to be the first few people to greet her a happy birthday. Acel went ahead with Romwuald and Virgil so they got to eat... Roca, Rommell and Jordan were there too..Corinne let me try some of her blueberry cheesecake, wish I could've stayed to finish it..heheh..she's such a generous lady! I thought her place was so beautifully decorated. All those candles!! :) Couldn't stay long though...we ran off to Battery's gig down at the Republic of Malate. Funny that they got to play there. It was a quick gig as there weren't too many people. Darwin went with us the whole way. I love his digi-cam!! He's uploaded the pics to the Battery site already! I don't know if I'm allowed to link it here right now though...but his new design has such a great future ahead!!!! =) Anyway, gotta pack up soon. So there, this will probably be my last post from my little cubicle in Trend Micro. Had a great experience working here. Love the facilities and the freedom this company gives...its totally contrasting to the rest of the corporate junkies that surround the atmosphere of this place... hmmm... I really hope the programs I've made for the Trend people here survives the test of time and makes people happy...mmmmm...and I'm really going to miss the 1 Peso Coke... :)

October 26, 2001
Wow! Haven't posted much here lately. I've been so caught up with typing 1000s of lines of code cramming to submit my project today. Felt like writing stuff.... so many good things have been been happening lately... but if I did write about it all, I would probably end up erasing the hundreds of sentences I'd write... in the end it be a bunch of unstructured babble. That's how my mind has been acting lately. Everything jumbled up. Its such a beautiful day!! The sun is up higher than ever and the sky is so bright and cheerful! And its my father's birthday today!! I know there's been some sorta friction between us lately... and I haven't had the time to greet him properly... but I probably will tonight or this weekend when my family takes a trip to the beach. Last night and this entire morning was terrific. Went to Barbie's Cradle's gig with Dennis, Warren, Jhun, and Timmy. We had to take a short video clip of them to promote Light It Up's J.C's BIG BASH this December. It was so encouraging when Barbie presented her song called Plastic Arrows. Corinne comforted her by mentioning the power of the mustard seed that could make mountains move. Fear the enemy of Faith...that gigantic mountain... is easily blown away with a whisper. Deon came to the gig as was really encouraging to see him there...he ended up sleeping over my place..spent the entire morning talking and stuff...that was really cool. Now I'm over at work about to finish typing the last few lines of code. I'm almost finished with this project!!! Next week I'll be totally FREEEEE to laze around! =)

October 08, 2001
The week went by pretty fair. Went to OktoberFest last Friday to catch moonstar88 play. It happened right across the office building where I'm doing my Internship. Went along with my friends from school who I work with. It was pretty strange lining up to buy tickets. My superviser came across with bloodshot eyes (he was probably wasted heheh..) but was incredibly nice because he gave me a FREE ticket. =) There were a bunch of local bands playing before moonstar88. The crowd was rather rowdy as everyone was throwing beer cans all over. Ended up hanging out backstage when Acel and the gang arrived. They only ended up playing around 2 A.M. My friends had to leave after their set. I ended up babysitting two buddies who didn't know how to get home...I made them walk..heheh. Was wonderful walking at that time... the air was so crispy, my eyes were dry and the mystery of dawn filled the atmosphere through the silence of the area. Got home around 6.30pm.. Didn't do much that Saturday. Went to school to bum out... then back home to sleep. Sunday was cool. Spent the morning on the DOULOS with Timmy & Fifi for worship. The speaker's message was unique. It was probably one of those few times I'd hear anyone speak on the book of Revelations. That was refreshing. We stayed for lunch on the ship with David Darragh. The Mongolian dude, Tsogt, was cool to hang out with as well. I really wanted to see Ji Hye and the other Korean people I met last Tuesday, but they were busy... oh well.. didn't really get to say a proper fairwell to any of the DOULOS people... maybe its a good thing. In between the time my paths with these people cross, they will look like my computer screen... heheh. Email really does bridge barriers yea?

October 03, 2001
Had a fantastic time talking to this pretty Korean lady named Ji Hye. She came over Jekyll & Hyde with her friends from the MV DOULOS to speak about Jesus to us. It was really funny how we conversed..although we sat beside each other...the band's music was pretty we ended up writing little notes to each other on little sheets of paper the whole time. Her simplicity was so encouraging. The other DOULOS people were fantastic to talk to as well. I was blessed.

October 01, 2001
Thursday was cool because I bumped into Acie, Mieka and Leah. Hadn't seen them in ages. Found out Mieka's leaving for the Canary Islands.Never knew that little archipelago even existed (and I thought I was good with geography). Bet she'll have a blast there. Sunday was terrific too because the message at church was really encouraging. Hardship is inevitable. Its a harsh fact of life I've been learning. Rommel, Barbie and Corrine were at church too. Warren who used to work for them was hit by the insecurity gitters. Was glad he told me about it. Was encouraged to know that even the most confident and outspoken person I've met is vulnerable to bouts of gittering... I'm not alone after all. Anyway. Spent that afternoon on the MV DOULOS. Was with Timmy, Warren, Jhun, Ozzy and Fifi supporting Rugged Cross and Chernobyl as we'd set them up to play on the ship. Later that evening I had to interview David Darragh, the ship's Music Coordinator from Northern Ireland to make my write-up for last Tuesday's Light It Up night. Was so encouraging to talk to him. Other people I got to talk was Riaa, the Finnish girl who grew up in Australia and Janine (spelling?) from South Africa. Also talked to these two guys manning the side entrance of the ship. It was funny, a Swiss guy and a Korean guy goofing off in German. The Korean dude was really encouraging because I could relate to him about having an identity confusion. He's Korean but lived in Germany all his life. Oh, also, I bumped into Rhea, Jaedee and their families on the ship's bookstore. Later that evening we went over to Timmy's house to watch some Supertones' videos. A lot of other stuff happened during the week but I don't have much time to write it all down here. But it was a good one with a lot of mixed feelings...

September 24, 2001
Was sorta bummed out Friday for the most illogical of reasons. That mood swung onto the entire morning and afternoon of Saturday as I went to school to enroll. It got even more depressing when I saw this street-kid on the stairs of this public walkway sleeping in the strangest position. As he was seated on the top step, his head crouched forward touching two steps below where he was seated. He looked so malnourished and pitiful. I wondered if God had blessed him with beautiful dreams as he slept in that peculiar state. It was all too depressing...Anyway...later on in the afternoon Acel surprised me as she tagged along with Jhun whom I was supposed to meet at my house to discuss some stuff for URGE magazine (a skate/surf/extreme sports magazine) and about his soon to be famous MALACHI clothing t-shirt designs. Their mere presence was an entire blessing to me. Turned around all the negativity I was feeling in the past few days. Sunday was cool too because I got to hang out with Jennie, Kim, Fifi, Avie (spelling?) during Jennie's football match. Was rather awkward with all that girl-talk going on though. We all went over to the MV DOULOS later on to catch Acel sing on the ship. Timmy & Spencer were with her then. I bought two seemingly interesting books. One a biography of the life a missionairy dude to the Himalayas and the other about Jesus of the Revelations. That evening the DOULOS people invited us to dinner and the conversation with the people working on the ship was absolutely awesome. Tuesday's Light It Up night is going to be a blast as the DOULOS people will play some fantastic world-beat music.

September 21, 2001
I'm beginning to realize that I'm pretty sensitive to what is being communicated to me. Like I can feel other people's experiences of joy and dismay when they tell me about it, or when I hear a song, or read a poem or a story. Those are their expressions. Tears falling, eyes gazing, lips smiling, breaths sighing. But my expressions always seemed futile...hidden in silence. Sometimes I yearn to exhaust my energy expressing something in an understandable medium...but my silence is so much easier.

September 17, 2001
My thoughts are blurred. I'm feeling disarrayed and unable to communicate... blah... I'm going to listen to a bit of Opera...

September 09, 2001
Wow! I've been in such a 'walky' mood lately (if that is a word). Walked a lot yesterday around Valle Verde. Today I went to church with Acel and Jenny in the morning. Then spent the day with Jenny to catch the opening of her football tournament. Spent the entire day walking around the area with her. Did a little jogging too. Jenny dropped me to get a cab later on. But I wasn't in the mood to argue with the drivers, so I walked the whole way home instead.

September 07, 2001
Feel proud of my. I walked from work (in Libis) to Megamall. Took about 45mins. Not much really. But to top that I walked all the way home from Megamall. Hahah!! Took a little over 2 hours. All for the crazy memory of my undying youth??!!

September 03, 2001
Had the craziest weekend at Alice's birthday. Shes such an awesome girl!!! Loved her house. Filled with books and books and more books! I read Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl there. Hadn't read that in ages. Stayed there until 6.30am! Decided to walk home from there. A wonderful 30 minute walk.

August 31, 2001
I'm confused about this phenomena on tipsiness. I went out with a bunch of friends from Brent last night that I hadn't seen in ages for Caroline P.'s birthday. She ended up treating us to some funky turqoise colored stuff called 'Azurie' or something. Anyway, Caroline kept refilling my glass so I lost count on how much I got. The drink itself wasn't hard at all. It was more like juice with a funky tinge really. Before we left, I noticed the reflection of the mirrors on the opposite side of the room were bobbing up and down! I took a look at the actual painted wall the mirrors were reflecting and they were solid as ever. Doing a double take and then a triple take at the swaying reflection, I asked my friend Mikken if I was starting to go into that stage of 'tipsiness' or if the mirrors were really supposed to show a swaying reflection. Mikken saw the same thing I did. Mighty weird. ...hmmm...I really don't think I was tipsy. Or was I? =)

August 27, 2001
I'm taking a rest today. Suffered from too much 'media' exposure this weekend. Friday we did a promotional interview for Light It Up on NU107. Did the same thing at the finals of Praise Inc's band competion on Saturday. The entire day of Sunday was spent hanging out at Battery's 'Coming Home' video shooting. Felt like a hypocrite to myself when I was urged to extra in a fake trance/rave party scene...compromising to my negative opinions on clubby junk. Brought my sister along. She seemed to have so much more fun than I did. Funny. She doesn't even listen to Battery. =)

August 24, 2001
Watched Sugar Free, Fatal Posporos and Moonstar88 last night. Mmmm...but I don't want to talk about bands again. There were some cable problems with my network configuration a while ago so I didn't go online for the entire afternoon. It really sucked because I couldn't do my work properly . I was just thinking, the net is bringing this world together lighting fast. I just got in touch with some old friends recently and I've met a couple of really cool people through the net. But then I got thinking...I seriously do hope that I don't get into an addiction with it. As neat as this tool is for communication and all, I'm scared that I'll turn into an impersonal vegetable soon (if you think I'm not already). Anyway, that was just a bunch of useless bla bla I felt like spilling. By the way, I bought the new ENYA CD this week and I love every bit of it! Who can say why your heart sighs....??

August 20, 2001
What a crazy weekend ! Spent the entire evening of Saturday at the University of the Philippines watching people mosh around to a Katie's church sponsored gig called 'Forever Rock' where my friends from bands called Beggar's Hand, 90 Decibal Cause, 316, 3CT and BATTERY performed. Got home like around 2.30AM that morning. Sunday was more peaceful though as I finally got a chance to catch on some sleep. My dad came home that evening from the Netherlands bringing a whole bunch of goodies. All is back to normal with my grandma...things are settling down. On a side note, amidst all this fun I'm come everyone's dying? I just read a thorough review of the FIRE incident that claimed the lives of over 70 people Saturday morning. It was horrible.

August 16, 2001
I just love moonstar88's version of Tracy Chapman's 'Revolution'. Poor people gonna rise up...she said...and I loved Barbie's Cradle's little fillers when she sang 'Go' last night. Could just feel the energy and emotions of the soldiers and angels of God sweeping through my vains as she called on them to bless us during the heightened portion of the was all clouded with such fantastic music. There, I've been fed now. =)

August 15, 2001
Just received word from my father who's in Holland that my grand-dad was buried yesterday. He said the funeral was beautiful. Wish I was there... its interesting... to describe such an event as beautiful. I've been reading a book by Khalil Gibran called Broken Wings. He says 'only our spirits can understand beauty, or live and grow with it...'...its a common language that puzzles all of humanity. Beautiful has become such a wonderful adjective to describe anything that touches the spirit and pierces the heart and emotions of a person...just got me thinking...there are so many beauties in this world that uplifts my spirit... I'm glad my father's spirit was touched by the event of the funeral. I wish I won't have to experience something that he just did anytime soon...

August 09, 2001
Life swifts by so fast. I hate death but death loves us. Opa, my granddad just passed away last night. I feel stunned and extremely regretful for my apathy when I knew he was ill. I thought he'd get better soon. Never knew it was that serious. My dad flew over to the Netherlands tonight for the funeral. Pray that my Oma, my grandma doesn't suffer from depression or anything...

August 05, 2001
Its been a quite a busy week. I got my hair cut last Sunday...FINALLY!!! Had a tough and busy week at Trend Micro finishing off my projects. Then yesterday Premy and Scott left for Nepal while Fred, Hannie and Pelle came over from Holland to stay in our place. Ended up going ice skating with Jonny, Pelle and Monchie which was quite tiring. But today was nice and relaxed...went to church to receive a refreshing message about the inevitability of suffering and hard times in this life...but was assured that faith, hope and prayer keeps us going. I ended up hanging out with Warren and the guys the whole day in the mall eventually catching Moonstar88's gig. Later on I bumped into Vichie, a very beautiful girl I hadn't seen since I graduated highschool 3 1/2 years ago. That was such a wonderul surprise. Yea, I enjoyed my Sabbath...I'm ready for the week now!

July 25, 2001
Light It Up night was fun last night! Acel opened with a solo performance singing her new song. Darwin showed up afterwards and together with Kim, had an excellent discussion about the future of Battery's website since their new album is soon to be launched. Anyways, today I woke up with feeling like a mint. Cold on the inside, burning hot on the outside. But I went to work anyway -- still feeling like a mint...but I'll be fine. =)

July 23, 2001
Just bought the new Imago album!!! Love their tribal-modern-folk mix.

July 22, 2001
What a beautiful relaxing weekend I had. I went over to the beach with my family -- had a lot of sleep, swam everywhere, and ate my heart out!

July 20, 2001
Brought Premy and Scott over to watch Battery and a bunch of bands play at the University of the Philippines. It ended pretty late but it was fun. Katie brought me near the stage and all these girls behind the fence were giving me their pens and notebooks asking me to pass it to this dude called Chito from a band called Parokya ni Edgar. Hmmm...didn't they want my autograph?? heheheh...

July 18, 2001
01:12AM :
Just came home from Light It Up night. It happens every Tuesday nights at this bar called Jekyll & Hyde. I just launched their website yesterday. Check it out:

July 15, 2001
Saturday was cool. Mox, Paulo and Chipper joined Scott and I to Jenny's football training with her girl's team. It was loads of fun and Mox got hit in the nads by two of the girls! Hahaha!! We then went over to meet Premy and Jason to watch Dr. Doolittle 2. It was quite funny. Today I'm all stiff and sore so took a swim to relax. Yea...I need to get more into fitness. Been feeling like a slob with all the work I've been doing with computers lately.

July 12, 2001
12:53AM :
I just came home from hanging out with my Brent buddies I hadn't seen in ages. We ate dinner then watched Final Fantasy. After the movie I bumped into Piji (P.G.?)...shoot...she's a cute girl but I dunno how to spell her name...we went home together and talked to the taxi driver. His name is Ed and he turned out to be a really cool guy.

July 09, 2001
What a wild weekend I had. Last Saturday, Premy came over with Scott from Nepal and will be here for about a month. And yesterday I spent the entire day with my friends from school for Almond's birthday. We swam until 10 in the evening! Came home at 12MN. Now I'm at work all sore and stiff from swimming trying to stay awake. heheheheh...

July 07, 2001
02:35AM :
Touch my coffin and tell me to get up and breathe. Let my old self die and lavish me with the fragrance of a new life...Just a thought that's been bugging my mind these past few hours.

July 02, 2001
I think I've got a new song I like buzzing in my head now. What are those seven words of a dream? I'm just staring up there watching you float...dreaming in awe, longing...eyes can listen. Hazel eyes will hear... ??? I'm still feeling bummed out but I don't know why. Little songs are so encouraging...

July 01, 2001
Been feeling rather bummed out lately...

June 27, 2001
Yesterday I went off to Jekyll and Hyde to catch 'Light It Up' night. My friend Doodz Genereso played a couple of his songs and a few parodies of songs by Blink182, the Goo Goo Dolls and Bon Jovi. Next up was a band called HIGH BEAM. They played a few Creed and Third Day covers among other things. Not surprised why their originals closely followed that grungy style of sound. I also met Darwin, BATTERY's webmaster there last night. It was all good.

But, the best part of last night happened when Jhun invited Warren, Dennis and I to go along with him to catch Acel and the rest of Moonstar88 play a few hours later. It was one of those weekday gigs that only a few people go to. I loved it, the music could be truly appreciated without the social insecurites huge crowds always bring. Best of all, the band got to goof off on stage without minding whether they looked like idiots or not. That was excellent! I absolutely didn't mind getting home at 2:30am...even if I had to wake up early for work...heheheh. :)

June 24, 2001
Had a pretty wild week. There's been issues with a stalker (don't ask) circulating around my group of friends to dampen things pretty badly. But on top of that mess, my entire week was fully charged up with encouragement from friends giving me a daily zeal to seek more intimacy and passion for God. It is after all, faith, and a divine relationship that is what Christianity is all about. The week culminated with the events of last night. Bummed around with Warren and the guys at this music festival called Fete de la Musique. Went to support Moonstar88 of course, and just hang with friends. Yea, this week, I met a lot of new people and I think I established a better relationship with the people I already knew. Anyway, today's a Sunday, so I gotta run and worship God thanking him. I'd better ask Him to bless more next week too... :)

June 18, 2001
Couldn't sleep so I uploaded new photos from the May 31 Jekyll & Hyde gig in my sTUFF page.

June 18, 2001
Had a fun weekend. Bought the new album of the Supertones and I love it! Also watched Pearl Harbour finally, it was nice. But the greatest thing that's bugging my mind now is the message I heard from the pastor at church today. He talked about thrills and how God has designed everyone to thirst for thrills. All those who are thirsty, go to Jesus for He will give you living water...oh God may I never be the same again...

June 16, 2001
Just came home from another Moonstar88 gig. It was so relaxing to hear them play two full sets after such a dull and boring week at work staring at the computer all day. But what was way cooler was that Acel drove me home after the gig! Hahah--rock star drove me home. Geez..I should be raving and showing off to everybody about it (aren't I already? - heheh), but I don't feel like doing that. Acel's taught me so much through her songs and she probably doesn't even know that. The whole trip she was 'interviewing' me instead...oh, I will always hold my friendships precious.

June 13, 2001
It's my brother's birthday today!!! Went to watch Asterix & Obelix vs. Caeser the movie at the French Film festival this evening. It was hilarious...and Laetitia Casta was gorgeous!!! =)

June 09, 2001
Went to Enchanted Kingdom with my family for my brother's birthday. Had a blast even though I was still too chicken to ride the Space Shuttle or the Anchor's Away. The two most terrifying rides of the theme park. Ok, I'm chicken. My friend Deon was inticing me to ride by telling me that it was not as scary as riding a bus on EDSA. that case, I don't need to prove my bravery anymore because I actually enjoy riding buses on EDSA! So, with nothing to prove, its pointless to ride the Space Shuttle!!! Yea yea...whatever're still chicken at heart. Oh, but I did get to make friends with my sister Becky's friend, Candy. Seems like a really cool girl -- half American half Chinese. We're all mongrels.

June 03, 2001
I feel like shaving my head. King Birendra, Queen Aishwarya and direct members of Nepal's royal family were massacred two nights ago. Read more about it at Stupid think at the moment they died I was wasting time playing Counter-Strike. Mourn the tragedy and Pray for Nepal.

June 01, 2001 - 02:40AM
Just got home from Jekyll and Hyde. Had tons of fun watching Moonstar88, Barbie's Cardle, and BATTERY. Bummer that I missed the other bands that night. But more than watching the bands playing, I had tons of fun hanging out with my buddies from school. Hadn't seen them in a while because of Internship. I took loads of photos. I'll post them here when they develop.

May 31, 2001 - 03:00AM
Hung out with Kimberly, Charm, Thammie, and Chin together with my buddies Rene, Kim, King and Deon. Had a blast! Just wish the clock wouldn't have ticked so fast...Caught in the moment of intimate friendship...Eternally beautiful friendship.

May 29, 2001
Met up with my friends Kim and Charm from Cagayan de Oro (city in Mindanao Island) whom I hadn't seen in over two years together with their cousins Thammie and Chin. They've grown so beautiful now! I was thrilled to meet them again.


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