October 17, 2002

wow! long time no update!!! I've had the most incredible past few weeks!!!! Too little time to run through every detail of events. Tonight BATTERY's having their fairwell gig at LytitUp. And tomorrow, I'm leaving to Nepal. Flying to Bangkok, Thailand first to spend the night there. Then off to Kathmandu on Saturday morning. Hope I can get to update this site from there!!! ;) Wish me a safe trip! I LOVE YOU ACEL!!! I'll miss you!

September 09, 2002

ASIAN INVASION was so inspiring!!!! I definitely know I'm called to do my part in impacting the nations of my generation! I don't know how but I do know how it won't be : It won't be alone!! The adventure will definitely not be fulfilled alone!! ;) Acel is so beautiful!!! Side by side with her building for You! Its really all about You Jesus!

September 01, 2002

Dennis and Deon came over tonight. I watched Ben-Hur while Deon took a nap and Dennis surfed the net. Then when Becky finally got home we zoomed off to Alice's house. Went over around 12.30am. Not as many people there as last year, but still nice to see familiar faces again. Gave Alice a book -- compilation of Short Stories from tons of great classical writers. Warren was there lying on the carpet beside the CD player chilling to The Cure. I gave him a book called the Power of Influence...its his birthday tomorrow. Things weren't as wild as they were last year...but maybe its just because I got there really late and everyone was just tired. Seemed pretty layed back this time around. Had a nice chat with Dab too while Irene kept going back and forth saying 'hey'. Wouldn't have minded chit-chatting with her some more too, but its fine. Warren, Dennis, Ozzy, Chris and some of the others are still there waiting for the sun to come up...heheheh..just can't get enough of a good party I guess. As for me, Im heading to bed. G'night!

August 31, 2002

I was DAVID all along!!!!!!!? :)

August 24, 2002

New look! Maraming salamat po Acel! :p

August 22, 2002

You gotta know where you came from to know where you're gonna go. Koji said something like that to some effect in one of his vocal logical reasoning discussions a while ago... was pondering over that thought while walking home tonight. Someone should make a song on that theme. Anyways, I'm finally home!!! :) Just got home from Monchito's birthday. Man they're all yuppies!! The whole lot of them from APC : Mox, Stan, AJ, Koji, Chipper, Bong, Paulo, Angelo, Jermaine, Jennifer, and Don Bosi. Ms. Monti was there too. heheh. Well, Bong is on the verge of crossing the line. He hasn't found a job just yet...but he's looking. He was the only other guy besides me that wasn't dressed up. heheh. But who cares what we dressed like. Was still nice hanging out with them again. Ate a lot then watched them drink and play computer games. The togetherness was nice... hmmmmm... but as 'great' as the night was, My highlight for the day rests somewhere else closer to the heart...Where people dress in pink. heheh :p G'night!!!

August 17, 2002

THIS is what Becky and Jonny have been up to sneaking into my room all those times I've been out of the house. heheh. Its real funny!

August 17, 2002

MOX ROCKS!!! :p Thanks Fifi for letting us hangout in your place! ; ) Nevermind what I wrote last night. Ohana means family! :)

August 16, 2002

wasn't expecting the gravity of it all. oh, the secrets of all the hidden emotions beyond what is seen or told. what could tame them? all i have, is an ear, an eye... what could they possibly do to mend? my lips have staples and inside the tonsils are in a swollen gulp. the whole world stopping me from muttering even a drop of what could possibly be a cure. all I give you, is silence. a numb, thick, frozen, mysterious silence.... why can't i give more?

I babble too much in my head...can't figure it out...

August 07, 2002

Met Marinelle and Mike Tsai yesterday. Marinelle flies back to Texas today. She challenged me by the task of making a design-focused architectural flash site. Its gonna be real good!! Went over to VLI later, but the scene afterwards was weird. Well, ate dinner at Kebab first. But after that, I found myself in a mighty mighty weird position spouting poetry on stage. I'd gate crashed into Seventy-Seven together with Oz, who brought us there, Acel, and Warren to meet Teddy and the Godfather for open-mic. Serves us right for gate crashing I guess. Serves me right for writing/keeping a journal. What was weirder was Rosanna Roces was in the audience. Well, that was last night so I can laugh about it now! :) I've got a busy day today... gonna meet Dong later to try to figure out how to make a website in Korean. Then I need to meet my band (Burger Stand) and figure out where we're going with the music. Personally, I want to quit, but I duno how to present this decision without ill feelings and resentment. Hope you're having a good day!

August 06, 2002

Remember this day when the churning clouds blanketed the bright blue sky, when the swallows spiralled in their own dance, when the trees released scents of life's fresh breathing, when the crystal lagoon took us into a timeless dream... Remember this day when stars floated in the sunlight, when the chattering of other men went mute, when her whispers were all that mattered, when the wind hushed only her name... Remember this day when every touch was an assurance, when every smile an acceptance, when her wide beautiful eyes gazed into your own, when every tear cried in the heart was a cry overjoyed! Sleep now to dream, for there you'll spend this day with her all over again, Remember this day.

*sorry, I know I should be asleep already, but I just wrote this down on my notebook while lying down in bed and I couldn't resist turning my PC back on to post this. :) g'night!

July 27, 2002

so dry, my eyes
you felt me inside
crying out all the tears
i couldn't let out

July 17, 2002

Well, was able to see Jenny one more time after my last post!! :) Had to be the most time-less weekend. Don't quite wanna write about it because other people might start thinking strange. I just uploaded new photos from the Thursday excursion."); Been preoccupied cramming on the SA website losing sleep on it. So good I got an extension on the deadline because schools were out today and yesterday. Pretty much complete with it now. Been pretty busy preparing for Lytitup@Mayrics too. Pray it'll all go fine this Thursday! Right now I'm just lazing around thinking about this and that while listening to the Symphony of Hope. Recorded in Prague, its got a beautiful orchestral version of 'Power of Your Love'.

July 12, 2002

Was so nice last night being able to hang out in that cozy artsy house-turned-into restaurant with Acel, Jenny, Fifi, Timmy, Nats, Warren, Jhun, Mel, and Andre. Yea, I think it has sunk in. Been whirling in mixed emotions of the excitement of sending off and the gloom of letting go since early morning only to collapse to sleep at 4.30am. Jenny hasn't even left yet but last night was the last I'd see her for a while. Spent a surreal afternoon yesterday with her. Just sitting around in the salon watching her hair get treated for a grueling 4 hours or more. Maybe it was the whole quiet setting of the dark clouds and the soft music..or the emptiness of the salon..or the emotionally intense book I was trying to read in between the passing moments while I hung out there chit chatting with Jenny about the future and all. That was my last moment with her that I'll always remember. Let God's Will chase her always!

July 11, 2002

I've got loads of work to do for TCPL! Anyways, Went to band practice today. We're so rusty without Spencer! But we'll do our best for the July 19 gig nevertheless. Still don't like the little keyboard I'm using to practice... but shouldn't be complaining now. Its not right to complain about that. Mel and Andre had their motorbikes and dropped me home after. Good thing it didn't rain on the road. Anyways, right now I'm having the BEST time chatting with Rita, my German-Nepalese cousin!! Love you lots! :) Thanks for reading this! heheh. I'll dream of momo tonight.

July 09, 2002

Just uploaded a nice new photoshop doodle. Been having the nicest times these past few days! =) Thanks!

July 01, 2002

Feel bored so I'm probably going babble now.. oh-no, I don't think I should babble --- I feel like I'll say something negative. Someone kick me out of the pessimism -- worried about stuff and frustrated with others things. No, won't let it linger, need to brush 'em off or else it'll grow. Maybe its because Germany lost to Brazil -- but that's just an excuse -- But it wasn't all too comforting either when everyone else was for Brazil. Watched yesterday's World Cup final in a small crowd in front of huge screen outside a mall. Baah-but its just a game. Feel numb to it now. See there's the cynicism lurking in! No! Change tone: Congratulations to Ronaldo and the Brazilians!! World Champions for the 5th time, they so deserve that title! Quite marvelous how they stood undefeated throughout the entire tournament. Hats up to them indeed. Ok, enough World Cup for another 4 years. Look out for Euro2004 in Portugal though. :p Hope Holland gets somewhere at that event. Spent the day at home today working on this. I'm almost done! Finally! :) I'm taking a break from it now. Had a nice time playing piano just a few moments ago while--still can't figure out how to piece together all the trickling patterns that come out though...its frustrating. Yeah maybe I should invest in some little recording device sometime.

June 30, 2002

So Korea lost to Germany and they lost as well to Turkey, but not without style, definitely leaving the pitch with all the honor they deserve. Today's the last day of June and the last of the World Cup too. Not a hint disappointed though for missing out on 'last nights' game though. Got home around 30mins ago after quite a memorably funny night hopping all over the metropolis from Fairview to Cainta to another part of QC to Makati then home... gotta sleep now.

June 23, 2002

Haha! Korea is in the Semi-Finals now!! :) I'm so thrilled! Found out yesterday afternoon while I was at Cavite from my dad who sent me a message on my mobile all the way from Bangladesh! He's been there for the past week and every time there's a game he sends me match details. Its Funny. This weekend was really nice..well actually the entire week's been real fabulous..especially Friday..although now I'm sorta on the verge of feeling cranky (God forbid) because I'm tired. Went to Alaric's wedding yesterday. It was memorable. :) Woke up real early for it..5AM!..Stanley and Aaron came over to my place around 5.30AM. My dad let me borrow his van, Aaron drove. After picking up Joule, Jen Moster, Jermaine, Paulo, Elrond and Ms.Monti it was quite an adventure getting to Cavite. Got there a bit before 11AM and spent the noontime there. The wedding ceremony already finished so we were there just for the food. heheh...real nice! It got a bit messy though when the guys started drinking talking about the dumb things they always talk about. We left around 3.30PM. I left feeling real proud and excited for the adventurous chapter opened in Alaric's life with Grace. It was quite a trip back to the city. After dropping everyone and the van at the house, and with Mox and my sister to join us, went over Jen Grupe's birthday thing at her house nearby. Got there real late though..when everyone else was leaving. But it was worth it being there for all the nice Japanese food. Got home around 2am then. Caught the last bits of the replay of the Korea-Spain match on TV. This morning was real nice too. Pastor was talking about Dreaming big Dreams at church this morning. It was encouraging! Bummed around the mall afterwards to find an old Suzanne Ciani tape. Listening to it now. Its real nice instrumental orchestrated music. :) Quite relaxing for this layed back Sunday afternoon. Ok, I'll get my rest now.

June 18, 2002

Ahn Jung-Hwan is a hero!!! I was secretly crying watching this man's emotionally stunned burst of tears after he headed the golden goal that gave Korea the 2-1 victory over Italy. What a powerful emotion to have to bear ... it was such a humbling response!!! They were tears of sheer joy! Was joking with Acel about smiling over the thrill of finding out the victorious result at fifaworldcup.com before I just watched the replay. :# But now, ironically, I'm smiling..yes..and crying, but just with a tear, and I have this boiling furnace in my heart for the Korean people and what just happened. It was so awesome to see the Korean team huddle every time before kick-off. I think they were praying. Its not a common scene in football you know. Oh and you should've seen the sea of red cover the stadium!! Every one of them was probably feeling ten times more than what I'm allowed to feel!!! Totally unimaginable! Strange game, this football yea!? Now lets start praying that Korea can overcome Spain in the Quarter-Finals!!! Oh, just one more thing. I dunno if I'm indirectly supporting Korea because their coach is Dutch, but it was hilarious to read a huge sign from the stands that read \"Hiddink for President!\" ... gave me a chuckle.

June 18, 2002

Got home a while ago from a museum tour of Mayric's. Finally transferred all my web files from the old computer to this new one. (oh hey, notice the new webcam pic on the left? -- heheh) Last week I rearranged my room. My brother moved into the other one. Miss him already. heheh. But there's a lot more space now. The new PC's in here together with the piano. I don't think I've ever spent this much time cooped up in my room. Its rather nice and cozy actually. I've got 'A Thousand Miles' ( Vanessa Carlton) still ringing in my ears... She's got a real cool bio in her site...the song's been buzzing in my mind since yesterday too!! Oh yeah, yesterday was the coolest Sunday ever. The nicest Father's Day. :) Nevermind I slept at 5am after that... :p Well, its 3AM now. Didn't watch the football match today. Really do hope Korea beats Italy tomorrow. And that Japan does well against Tunisia. Its do or die for them. Anyway, enough blabbing. I should sleep.

June 10, 2002

Just watched Japan beat Russia!!! Well, I already knew they beat Russia since they only show replays here, but thanks anyway Karl for letting me know that there really was some sort of light in Philippine local TV after all!! Thought I'd spend the entire World Cup reading pathetic news ticker matchcasts at fifaworldcup.com! Just read at BBC News too that the hooligans in Moscow are rioting now. tsk tsk... heheh. All that excitement!! Funny, I'm more excited over WORLCUP than over the fact that I just went through graduation ceremonies. Yup, it happened yesterday...err.. the other day (forgot its already morning of June10)..it happened Saturday, June 8. Was funny. I didn't have that dangling thingee at first which I later found out is called a 'tassle'. The people there had extras. :) Then there was this Catholic mass to go through and I almost forgot to go up on stage to say my lines. At practice I was supposed to read a prayer for the community, but the script changed and a last minute nudge from my buddy next to me said I was next. Read a prayer for the teachers instead. :p I'd really put the Catholic church to shame even if I wanted to!! Oh, I have to mention Paulo's taking of the Communion brought about a load of giggles. Heheh... The graduation ceremony itself was all the more informal no matter how we tried to be professional. Snickered over the fact that none of us SSE boys got a Cum Laude honor because of PROFETH!!!! Grrr... Also, totally didn't expect to get a medal for Internship. I was late all the time!!! Heheh.. but I really did enjoy my time at Trend Micro, so that was nice. I didn't know which way to climb up the stage though which was hilarious! I cut in straight from the left since I was already at the second row, when I was supposed to go all the way back and come in from the right. :p See why I did so good in PROFETH? (FYI: PROFETH=Professional Ethics). Then came the time we were supposed to bow. I think my bow was decent enough (although all of us SSE boys walked in from the wrong side -- that follow the leader principle!). Chipper's bow was hilarious! He deliberately looked all so happy (if you know what I mean by 'happy'). Stanley's one was cool too with his exaggerated wave. That was such a comedy. The night ended later in showbiz fashion with all the cameras. Dunno if the pictures came out ok. They probably didn't... heheh. Oh well, better stop blabbing for one night and get some sleep now. Hope KOREA beats the USA tomorrow!!!! Do pray they do!!!!!

May 26, 2002

Finally sorta settled down again. Always feels good to be home. Went up north to the mountains last week. Friday night (May17) we took a bus to Kiangan. Got there early Saturday morning and took a tricycle with all our heavy bags to PRRM. Met Roidde, our guide there. Later that morning he took us to the World War II shrine in Kiangan and also to a lake, about an hour's walk in total. From there we went off to Lagawe by tricycle and took a jeep to Banaue. Walked around the town that afternoon to the museum and those touristic sorta places then had dinner at People's Lodge with all the happy wait(ers/resses?). Spent the night at Halfway Lodge. Woke up really early the next day to start our hike. We hired two tricycles to take us to the view point where the trail starts. Met the town mayor at the view point. Seemed like a pretty cool guy with his slippers and shorts sitting on the grass. Total contrast to those upper class high-profile city mayors. Anyways, so we started walking. It was about a 2 hour hike through the trail which got narrower and narrower til we reached a really small village called Pula. In Pula we took a short rest eating crackers. Then we went off again for another 2 and half hours. Just as we left Pula the rain came pouring in so we walked with our rain jackets. This trail was the hardest of them all. It was even Roidde's first time to go through it. From walking it turned into climbing. But going up was still so much easier than going down. The rain made the stones and mud slippery so we had to be extra careful. The mountain trail turned into a trail of rice terraces. From the pictures it looks so easy to walk along the terraces as if one were walking through a staircase but being on it was different. Each terrace was about a storey high and you couldn't step on the green because it was marshy with rice growing. Had to make do with balancing on the slippery rocks along the edges. Climbing up and down each terrace was also a bit tricky. We eventually walked over a hanging bridge and soon after we reached the little village of Cambulo. We checked into the Cambulo Friend's Inn. It was a small house with no electricity actually with a nice old lady running the place. The sun was briefly up when we got there so we dropped our bags and walked down to the river nearby to take a bath and wash clothes. Chris was wise to leave the river early though. Deon, Eman, Roidde and I stayed a while longer until the rain came pouring down again. That evening was cool eating native chicken listening to Roidde tell stories of the NPA while playing cards. It rained throughout the entire evening. And in the morning all our clothes we hung out to dry were wetter than ever. Had breakfast, then packed up and started another 2 hour hike to Batad. At Batad we stayed at Rita's Inn high up overlooking the terraces and the village. We met an Englishman there who seemed incredible. He was traveling the world on his own relying on a Lonely Planet guide book. Lunch was nice, had pizza :) But dinner was even more. There was a swarm of flying ants hovering the only two lampstands in the area and the people around started catching them. They later fried it and served it to us. It was good it was dark, I ate a handful, tasted like peanuts but the thought of eating ants made me not want to eat any more. The next morning we had chapati for breakfast then put on our slippers and swimming shorts to take the hour hike to the Tapia waterfall. Was tricky with the slippers...slippery..heheh. The waterfall seemed massive. Was probably about 4 storeys high. Swam in the pool around it. Water was freezing but fresh. Stayed for only about half an hour to walk back to Rita's Inn. Packed up our things when we got back and started another day's hike to Bangaan. This was more mountain trail with a lot of uphill climbing. Upon the last part of the 2 hour trip, the trail got wider until the jubilation of seeing the road again!! Didn't care much if it was a bumpy road, it was still a road!! The two tricycle drivers that took us to View Point the other time picked us up by the road and took us back to Halfway Lodge in Banaue. Said bye to Roidde at Banaue who went back to Kiangan. And we spent another night at Banaue to wake up really early the next morning to take the trip to Bontoc and then to Sagada. Deon and Eman stayed on the roof of the jeep that took us from Bontoc to Sagada. Must have been real fun for them. At Sagada, we stayed in St. John's Resthouse arriving a little after 1pm. Although mountainous as well, it was quite different from Banaue. The plants in Banaue were more tropical, Sagada had pines. That afternoon we got a guide at the tourist booth who took us the caves. It was quite an adventure being down there squeezing through the narrow rocks, hanging on ropes, and summerging in chest deep freezing cold water. Went back to St. John's soaked from the caves and the rain smelling of guano. Washed up and in the evening went to Yoghurt House, a really nice cozy mountain cafe with so many books to read. I read the first chapter of Plato's Dialogues. Was pretty profound. After meal some doobie boy tried to sell us some of his stash. Nothing wrong in asking. 8) The next day was a relaxed one bumming around in Sagada. Ate in Yoghurt House for breakfast and dessert .. yummy! Lunch at Masfere's which had a piano to fiddle with and dinner at Alfred's. Took the 6am bus the next morning to Baguio. Arrived around 1pm and met my dad, Jonny, Oma, Goyi and Monchie over at the Camp John Hay Manor. It was real fancy there and an absolute contrast to the measly little rooms we stayed in the past few nights. Walked around the market that afternoon...walked in the rain...and caught a 39.5 degree fever which sucked. Slept all night and all morning. Ate nothing but soup and drank only tea and took the grueling 9 hour trip back to Manila. Got home last night. The fever's sorta died down now, but now I have a soar throat. Oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEON! Sorry you had to spend the whole day sleeping! :p

May 14, 2002

Got home from the beach yesterday. Was fun and pretty relaxed. Finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie while over there. Learned a lot of new and profound insights that I'm so intrigued to dive into yet reluctant still over fear. Oh, I'll get over it and I will go on to live life's greatest lesson...you should too! :) Go read it! Belated Happy birthday Premy and Tante Ida btw...and also a belated Happy Mother's Day to all as well!! :)

May 08, 2002

Someone told me something that got me all prickly feeling even til now the other night...like I wanted to choke and cry but at the same time smile flickering a spark. Nevermind...so yeah I got back from Hong Kong last Sunday. Was really nice there actually!! Felt like I stepped into the future. :) Jonny's ice hockey team came 3rd. My Oma (grandma) and my Uncle are over in our place for the month. They came all the way from chilly Holland are basking in the beautiful Manila sun!! We'll probably go to the beach with them this weekend! Yipi!! I just got home tonight from Jaedee's father-in-law's wake. Got me thinking of so many things just sitting there all silent in the chapel. Was nice hanging out with Timmy, Fifi, Warren, Jhun and Elinore nonetheless. :) I'm listening to Josh Groban right now. I sampled his CD at HMV in Hong Kong (huge building with loads of CDs!!). But CDs there are so expensive!! Figured I'd just buy it here so I had Jimmy find it for me in Tower a while ago. I'm so glad I got it because Josh Groban's voice is incredible!!!


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