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Hi, here's an OVERVIEW of some of my junk. Use the buttons above to check out more specific stuff. I'd really appreciate getting your feedback about this section since everything here is all basically experimental. Tell me if you like it...or hate it.

Images of myself, friends, places, and events captured by my automatic camera, scanned into and mutilated by my computer.
Here are thumbnails of the most recent photographs: (last update: July 11, 2002) - click here to see ALL the photographs.
Note: My thumbnails are conceptualized mutilations of the actual photographs. Most of them do not contain ALL the details shown by the actual image. Please note that my thumbnails are not merely the actual photograph shrunk to a smaller size. You be the judge on what looks nicer...the thumbnail or the actual photograph.

Kim and I

Jenny, Acel, Fifi

Me from behind. :p



A small collection of scribbled sketches...outputs of my futile attempts to draw. In reality, they look terribly messy...but through the computer they seem to look rather neat.
Here are some samples: (last update: July, 09, 2002) - click here to see ALL my doodles.
Note: Again, the same note about my photo thumbnails apply to my doodle thumbnails.

Psalm 23:3.

Eve of Samson.

I'm no god.

never perfect

last day of 2000

I've been experimenting with FLASH lately and I think I'll launch a Flash music cd player soon. Meanwhile, check out my little BATTERY mini-ad or go straight to Battery's official site that Darwin made. By the way, I'm currently helping Darwin set up a BATTERY web forum for their site.

You might have already guessed that I'm fascinated with computer programming and web design. I especially like web design because I get to mix mathematical programming concepts together with creativity and visualization.

I have placed links and very BRIEF descriptions to some of my completed web projects. Click here to read more detailed descriptions about my web projects.

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