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I have placed links and very BRIEF descriptions to some of my completed web projects. My basic tools are: EDITPLUS (to encode my HTML, Javascript, CSS, ASP, PHP, and CGI/Perl scripts - nothing beats its simplicity!), IIS or MS Personal Web Server, PHP for IIS/PWS, MS Access, MySQL, MS Paint, MS Photo Editor, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver (I seldom use this though), Macromedia Flash, WS_FTP, an Acer Flatbed scanner, headphones plugged into my walkman or to my PC with Winamp or the CD Player blasting wonderful music, and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of coke.
Trans-Asia Oil & Energy - http://www.transasia-energy.com
Trans-Asia Oil and Energy My first actual contractual project! I badly need to learn more about this whole scheme of billings and all the red tape that goes with it.

Absence of Struggle - http://www.absenceofstruggle.com
Absence of Struggle Awesome site for an awesome band!!! Can't wait til they finish recording!! :) Had fun making this. Check out all the pogi studio shots of the boys...heheh.

Light It Up - http://www.lytitup.com
Light It Up My first PHP/MySQL experiment! Drop by Jekyll & Hyde's Secret Island bar every week to catch "Light It Up" night. Visit this site for more info.

Tanghalang Ateneo Bullboard - http://www.tanghalangateneo.f2s.com/bullboard.html
Tanghalang Ateneo Bullboard Rhem had his site redesigned so I helped him make the NEW Tanghalang Ateneo Bullboard. This time I used ASP instead of CGI/PERL.

BATTERY web forum - http://www16.brinkster.com/deevio/battery/default.asp
BATTERY web forum Made this web forum for BATTERY. They're an awesome band!!! Post your message to the band and to other BATTERY fans around the world! The web forum is also being hosted on Darwin's official BATTERY site (http://batterypinoy.tripod.com). Check it out if you want.

Journey to the Promised Land - http://deevio.tripod.com/mixednuts
Journey to the Promised Land PAYATAS - " 520 hectares of informal settlements around a 27 year old garbage dump where more than 80,000 people call it home..." My father is actively involved with the people of Payatas. Read through the articles and see how much of a blessing you can be to those in need.

Not to brag or anything, but I am proud to say that this website was awarded first prize at the web designing competition held at school last August 2000. Thanks to Mox and Angelo for greatly contributing to team 'MIXED NUTS'!

the V.O. times - http://votimes.tripod.com
the V.O. times The VAN OMMEN family website. Family news, profiles, photographs, etc...Basically a place letting all our relatives and friends from all over the world stay updated with the happenings of my family.

The website is password protected for my family does not wish any stranger to drop by. You'll have prove that you truly are a family friend or relative by registering in order to get the password.

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