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Hello, welcome to my junk page. Please send your feedback especially about this page because this is all experimental and stuff. I'd really like to know what you think.

I added 6 photographs from the EDSA PEOPLE'S POWER II Rally. Too bad my stupid automatic camera didn't capture the amazing background scene of the thousands of people present. I'm going to get some more photographs from my friends. They probably got nicer shots. Meanwhile, enjoy my perspective of the historic event :)
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I'm not much of an mp3 collector, I still believe in good old fashioned cassette tapes for my listening experience. But I really want to experiment with Macromedia Flash so I'm thinking of making interactive multimedia mini albums with lyrics, band information and samples (if permitted). Just wait a while for me to get started though.

Meanwhile, check out my BATTERY mini-ad I made with Flash or go straight to BATTERY's official site that Darwin created.
Journey to the Promised Land
520 hectares of informal settlements around a 27 year old garbage dump where more than 80,000 people call it home.
My dad is actively involved with the people of Payatas. Read through the articles and see how much of a blessing you can be to those in need.
This project won the web design contest at school last August 2000.

the V.O. times
Site about my family for all my friends and relatives from all over the world to see.

The Tanghalang Ateneo BullBoard
This was made for Rhem's site. Pretty cool that so many people are using it. Didn't know how popular the theatrical group was.
NOTE: all my WEB PROJECTS (including dEEVIO.tripod.com) were created using NOTEPAD, MS PAINT, MS Photo Editor, Adobe Photoshop, my scanner, and many hours of agonizing patience. I tried Composer, FrontPage and Dreamweaver but found out that nothing beats NOTEPAD !!! Many thanks to the people at Webmonkey even though they don't know me. Check out their Web Design tutorials. They're really neat. Also, I learned none of this at school...they've been teaching me COBOL for crying out loud !!!
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