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08242002 : 1829PM
All right, I'm 19 years old, male, a Dutch national with a little bit of Indonesian heritage on my dad's side and Nepalese on my mom's side. I live in Manila, the heart of the beautiful archipelago of the Philippines just lazing around under the sun for now since I just recently graduated from APC grabbing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and IT. But computers and web geekiness isn't all that I'm about... [more...]


My "scrapbook". Little things I think might be interesting to display on this site. Photos, doodles, music, web projects. Kill some time viewing my junk !

I learned a little ASP so I could make my own message board sorta thing. The messenger program is designed to send your message straight to my email address. Pass me a note and I will gladly reply !

I skimmed through my CD copy of Encylopaedia Britannica and I was disappointed at how ugly the layout was (no pictures!) despite the fascinating content. So I commited myself to 'beautifying' the way my motherland is presented to the world.

My fatherland. Sorry, but I haven't started working on my documentation of the Netherlands yet.

I live here in this beautiful cluster of islands. I'd like you to learn a little about this fascinating country...AFTER I finish working on it. Sorry its not up yet.

figure this out


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