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Images of myself, friends, places, and events captured by my automatic camera, scanned into and mutilated by my computer. Choose from the photo galleries that I've arranged according to date and event. I will update whenever I feel like there's some good stuff to show you people.
SELECTED GALLERY: May 27, 2001 - Battery at TFCA.

"We love TFCA!" - those silly words that produced a silly jingle of a song I was forced to sing for the last two years of highschool at a religious Christian institute rung through my mind when I stepped foot inside the building after vowing to never again go there after graduation. I broke my vow to watch Battery play there. The pastors and workers of the church there were blown away! Rock in a Sanctuary!

Click on the thumbnails to see the actual photograph:
Outside the school.
Rock on Battery.
Speaking the Truth.
Katie and the guys.
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