THERE ARE various organizations working in the area to promote the delivery of basic services and development of livelihood.

The majority of development activities are done by some 100 or more NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). They compose of a variety of Civic, Charitable, Religious, Educational and Cause-Oriented groups. They work hand-in-hand with the community to alleviate the poor living conditions of residents.

An example of this community based development is the Payatas Scavengers Association Inc established by the community and the assistance of the Vincentian Missionaires Social Development Foundation.

The Payatas Scavengers' Association, Inc. (PSAI) works to obtain recognition and due respect for their important role in solid waste management They set up the Payatas Wastepickers' Development Project. The association secures wstepickers' economic future by linking them to the resources and opportunities needed to stablize their incomes. The project has three major components:

1) Promotion of Home-based Microenterprises Involving Sold Waste
Recycling processes and further transforming recycled material into new exportable products are encouraged. The program also stresses health and safety for the trade of the wastepickers.

2) Savings Mobilization
All community members praticipate in regular savings activities. Everyone takes responsibility for collecting weekly savings and depositing to the savings office. The community has already saved P62 million.

3) Land and Housing
The community plans to buy land outside the insecure conditions of the dump area. In more suitable environments, wastepickers can protect their families from the hazards of the trade. So far, a three-hectare property has been purchased on the outskirts of Payatas. Housing projects will follow in the property.

Several of the Quezon City Government Departments and National Government Agencies work in the area as well. However, they focus on projects that will benefit their own interests and the economically stable minority. The squatter communities of the informal settlements are a hindrance to their plans.

The Government has seen a list of potentials and opportunities for Payatas. Payatas has available land to accommodate housing projects, community facilities, and commercial and industrial development programs. A young trainable population gives cheap labor that adds on to opportunities in the area..

Ready for Recycling

New house with dump view.


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