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Here are some phrases that popped up out of the top of my head in an attempt to superficially describe myself. I wonder if you'll understand any of the jibberish. Try if you're really that curious to know me !

Daniel Sundar van Ommen
19 years old
born November 11
in Kathmandu, Nepal
living in Manila
Dutch nationality
Nepalese mother
Dutch-Indonesian father
speaks English
little bit Filipino too
and a bit of Nepalese
still need to learn Dutch
studied a little French
college student
Asia Pacific College
4th Year
Bachelor of Science Degree
Computer Science
Information Technology
Software and Systems Engineering
programming is cool
Java, C, VB, Cobol, Perl
Web Design is also cool
HTML, Javascript, CSS
Dreamweaver and Frontpage
messes up my coding
Flash is cool too
do a little Photoshop, but I like Paint more
Music is life
genres of rock
detest trance and rave
can't stand hiphop/rap/boybands/pop
NU107 rules !
Punk and Ska energize me
Admire classical paintings
Was into paintings and stuff in another life
more into doodling now
Writing is cool
Tried poetry...I suck
Journalism, editorials...Free Speech !
Master in using BS to achieve high essay scores
BS (Bullshit that is)
Mathematics is fascinating
What is the secret behind 1/0 ?
Or the square root of -1?
Unlocking mysteries of the universe
I like Sports
Football rules
Man United forever !
Running is fun
Love biking too
Never understood Basketball
Not so athletic anymore
My main exercise
Walking on the streets and in the mall
Awareness of Global Social Issues
Always good to read the news
BBC News is cool
Poverty sucks
Materialism is crappy
Commercialism is evil
Practice your God given freedom
Destinies are divine

If you're done reading all that, I salute you! Now you superficially know about me a little better.

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